Fever Frida the Thermonitor

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The FeverFrida Thermonitor is an FDA approved wireless Bluetooth thermometer (think baby monitor meets thermometer) that your child wears, continuously measuring their axillary (armpit) temperature and transmitting the readings to a mobile app on your smart phone or tablet. It captures temperature readings automatically, so you do not have to wake up multiple times per evening. It automatically records body temperature every 4 seconds and sends the readings to an app on your smartphone or other smart devices via Bluetooth. This app alerts you when your child's temperature reaches customizable thresholds. It also automatically turns your child's temperature into an annotated timeline, providing you a deeper understanding of your child's illness and enabling a more informed discussion with primary care physicians. Temperature Unit: °C or °F. Content per package: 1 Thermonitor; 1 Battery (CR2025); 1 Battery Tool; 10 Patches; 1 User Manual. App is available for free download for iOS and Android compatible devices